Liv Morgan on having WWE cameras around for Ups and Downs

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Liv Morgan on having WWE cameras around for Ups and Downs

After a few months of absence, last year, Liv Morgan, a former member of the Riott Squad, had returned to peep into the rings of Monday Night Raw, who had fallen into the middle of a marriage between Lana and Bobby Lashley, declaring all her love against the beautiful girl of Russian origin.

After a very small juncture in which the two were in a feud, Liv Morgan was then tossed a little here and a little there, without the company of McMahons creating anything really important for the girl, despite Paul Heyman having ideas.

clear for the evolution of his character, when Mad Genius was still head of the creative team backstage on Monday Night Raw.

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With the dismissal of Heyman as head of the creative team of the red show, it was practically the end for Liv Morgan, with the girl who then landed in Smackdown with this year's Draft and with the same protagonist of the WWE rings that wanted to tell fans what his creative ideas for his character were, revealing to Fox Sports microphones: "I basically wanted to use the experiences I went through, the struggles of my childhood and try to create a character who could express all those dark feelings I had.

The saddest and deepest emotions I've ever felt. So I wanted to create this character as an outlet to express, perhaps, pent-up emotions, you know? I just wanted to use this character to show the opposite side of what Liv is.

But I'm very happy and bubbly, so I just wanted the opposite side of me that no one had ever seen." Apparently, there was also a video online from last year in which Liv Morgan was shot sitting on the ground on a bad rainy day.

with the shot that was strongly desired by the girl, while trying to convince the WWE to create her new character mixed between depression and darkness, who never appeared on the scene. Morgan and Riott are back together on SmackDown as a different version of The Riott Squad, and looking ahead, she said things feel "completely different" for the team.

Morgan said she feels like they have a chance to re-write history. They are focused on winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles, currently held by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler of RAW. "The first time The Riott Squad was around I feel like we disbanded before we were ready.

We were just hitting our stride and then it was taken away," she said. "And so to have the opportunity again, Ruby and I kind of feel like we have a chance to re-write history and to create whatever we want."