Kevin Sullivan says The Undertaker should be booking in WWE

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Kevin Sullivan says The Undertaker should be booking in WWE

Only a few days after the last PPV broadcast by WWE on its official Network, Survivor Series, that marked the final farewell to the in-ring activity of its Deadman, The Undertaker, the first rumors about what Mark Calaway could or could not do now that he will no longer have to play the role of the most famous gravedigger of the McMahon-owned federation's rings have started to pick up.

After several interviews in which Taker himself had reported to his interlocutor that he was thinking about a future as a trainer at the Performance Center in Orlando together with Triple H, in recent months, a former long-time colleague of the undertaker has returned to show up in a online podcast, proposing The Undertaker as the head of the WWE creative team, given the recent problems due to the global pandemic, which have pushed WWE Universe fans to move away from the product a lot, causing even TV ratings to collapse.

In the last speech made by the former athlete of WCW, ECW and TNA, Kevin Sullivan, to the microphones of the podcast VOC Nation, the former colleague of the Deadman at the time of his short stint in WCW reached the threshold of 72 years, in fact stated: "If I were Vince McMahon, I would ask Undertaker 'What do you need and we will give it to you and I would stay out of your way, but you take care of all the booking' I think Undertaker would be able to change the whole business in six months."

Kevin Sullivan on The Undertaker

Despite his now definitive retirement from physical activities, a role has now opened for Undertaker in the background, probably also executive, which could also be quite important, given that his figure has always been viewed with respect, dedication and admiration by all colleagues and fans of the WWE Universe.

Who knows that WWE or Vince McMahon will not take inspiration and really put The Undertaker to play a fundamental role in the storylines of the federation, given the always tragic drop in TV ratings or sales of the federation in the television field? Kevin Sullivan was one of the many bookers in WCW during the 1990s, but he actually played a role in Nitro's popularity during the Monday Night Wars.

However, it was also his promotion to head booker in 2000 that continued WCW's downfall and eventual sale to WWE. "They went to comedy. Funny doesn't earn money - it's that simple. I'm a boxing fan; do you go to see a fight that's just going to be a joke? No.

Then they tried to bury Ric Flair in a desert? They wanted to get rid of him. They wanted to get rid of Ric Flair since 1989," said Sullivan. "They don't know where to drive the stake… He's the greatest champion of all time and they tried to get rid of him - that's how silly these people are. Egos!"