Latest on Braun Strowman's injury

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Latest on Braun Strowman's injury

In recent days, a rumor has circulated online that as often happens it was not clear if it was the result of an online chat, if it had a real foundation behind it or if it was only a plan designed by WWE to mislead fans and insiders about possible plans the Stamford-based company management has in mind for its Monday Night Raw flag show superstars.

Even on our news board, in fact, we had reported several times the news that Braun Strowman seemed to have injured his knee during his last match in the Survivor Series rings, in the elimination contest typical of the company's autumn Big Four, forcing the same management and the creative team to come up with something to temporarily oust him from Raw's television screens, with a valid reason.

The reason chosen, of course, had been that of the suspension of the bearded giant, with the attack perpetrated against Adam Pearce in the center of the Raw ring which resulted in the wrestler being suspended indefinitely from the McMahon rings.

Backstage news on Braun Strowman

Although the rumor of the injury of the former Universal Champion has already been denied several times, apparently in the last few hours the voice of Dave Meltzer would have also arrived to increase the dose, with the Wrestling Observer journalist who would be certain of the physical problem of the Raw giant, so much to say in one of the latest newsletters of the well-known site: "So Braun Strowman has a knee injury because he was treated for that.

I don't know the severity of the injury though. The impression I got is that he will not be present at TLC, so I don't know if anyone already knows how it will turn out. From what someone told me, the creative team is still thinking about Strowman, but that would be wrong.

In fact, until Monday he had been ousted from all plans. Summing up, someone will have to go up against McIntyre at TLC, but it won't be Strowman, because Strowman is definitely injured in his knee." Apparently, the triple threat match of the next episode of Monday Night Raw, in the contest expected between AJ Styles, Riddle and Keith Lee, should be really valid for a title shot at the last PPV of the year, with the rumored inclusion of Braun Strowman who apparently will not arrive, because the giant would actually be injured in his knee, but for now, WWE has not yet officially confirmed any version.