There was an inside joke about Goldberg during a segment

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There was an inside joke about Goldberg during a segment

Despite the stint of Matt Riddle, now only Riddle, in the WWE rings it was not already who knows how long, the young athlete ex-fighter of MMA, who comes from the ranks of the American and non-independent federations, would have pulled against different heat all inside the Stamford federation backstage, with his over-the-top attitude that would have made several of the company bigwigs go on a rampage already.

It is now very famous the face to face that would have been between the Bro Man and the former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in that of the backstage of the Royal Rumble, where an enraged The Beast would have gone directly face to face with the person concerned and would have ordered to stop being a clown in interviews and on social media, after being brought up in several discussions where Lesnar had nothing to do with it.

As it turns out, Lesnar would be just one of the last WWE greats who would be embittered by the former NXT talent's behavior, with the first great legendary WWE athlete to take Riddle head-on last year, who was Bill Goldberg.

In one of the latest promos made during the last three hours of Monday Night Raw, MVP and Riddle got to have a somewhat peculiar behind-the-scenes chat about the show, with Riddle calling out MVP multiple times by the nickname "Bro", as now he does with everyone.

There was an inside joke about Goldberg during a segment

At one point, however, MVP responded to Riddle by saying "I'm not your bro", the exact same phrase that Bill Goldberg would have said to Riddle backstage at Summerslam in 2019 when the latter got too close to the legendary athlete of the WCW.

As revealed by Dave Meltzer during one of his latest updates of the Wrestling Observer, Riddle may have decided in advance to use this phrase as an experiment to try to tone down the backstage, in a situation that seems calmer and more peaceful than how much the past rumors have not led to believe.

We report, for those who missed it, the video of the promo held by the two in the backstage of Raw, with Riddle who seems to become an increasingly comedy character in the ring of the red show. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this may have been an inside joke that was taken from the time Riddle had a backstage confrontation with Bill Goldberg.

While backstage at SummerSlam 2019, Riddle and Goldberg met for the first time and things had been heated because of things that Riddle had said about Goldberg on social media.