Liv Morgan talks huge support from Paul Heyman in WWE

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Liv Morgan talks huge support from Paul Heyman in WWE

Paul Heyman's work as Raw's Executive Director has often been praised by fans and critics alike and under his management, many athletes really seemed to be ready to receive the push that would launch them to the top of the federation.

However, as we all know, the Roman Reigns manager no longer holds this role and many Superstars are in a limbo that could harm their careers. Among these, we find Liv Morgan, who after an excellent and promising period in single, has been re-bound without major successes in the Tag Team division, alongside her longtime friend Ruby Riott.

Paul Heyman, however, was not only an important person from a management point of view for her but also and above all from a human point of view, a person who was always close to her and who motivated her day after day, really wanting her definitive launch.

In this regard, Liv gave an interview to Fox Sports, where she really clarified the role of Paul and his relationship with what was certainly one of the best managers in history. Here are his statements: "It was really wonderful because I knew I always had someone by my side, who wanted my success and who was looking for opportunities to find me in every way to see how far I could push myself.

Every week I didn't know what to expect, but I know he was thinking of me. It was really nice to work with him, who is one of the best ever. Working with him also meant asking him not only for job advice but also for advice on something that maybe wasn't very clear to me."

Paul Heyman on the relatability that Liv Morgan brings to WWE

As mentioned earlier, the former blue-tongued girl has now re-formed the Riott Squad with Ruby Riott, but for them, there has only been a good time in the last few months.

Her presence at the Survivor Series also did not leave her mark and at the moment it would seem that WWE does not want to totally bet on her as it seemed some time ago. This was the culmination of a long journey for Morgan.

Earlier that year, Liv Morgan was drafted to SmackDown and outside of a single match with Charlotte Flair, she never was seen on the brand again. The new documentary, ‘Liv Forever,’ currently on WWE Network follows Liv Morgan throughout the trials and tribulations of that time where creative simply had nothing for her.

Toward the end of the documentary, as they began to cover the moment where Liv re-debuted on Raw, Paul Heyman spoke about What attracted him to Liv Morgan and why he feels she is the perfectly relatable character for the current generation.