Stipulation added to triple threat match scheduled for WWE Raw

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Stipulation added to triple threat match scheduled for WWE Raw

As widely seen in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which was staged only last Monday, WWE has begun to build the new storyline that will lead to a match valid for the WWE Championship in that of the last PPV of the year of the Stamford-based federation: TLC.

Apparently many were sure that the giant of the red show, Braun Strowman was going to challenge Drew McIntyre but Strowman's injury disrupted the plans. The injury that was talked about under the guise of a convoluted story-line has, however, now become the center of focus surrounding the wrestler.

Going to challenge Drew McIntyre in a match valid for the WWE Championship at TLC, it will therefore be the wrestler who will come out the winner of the triple threat match announced by WWE for this night, which will see each other battle in the main event of the red show AJ Styles, Riddle and Keith Lee.

Update on Monday Night Raw

Apparently, the management of the Stamford-based federation would have announced an unusual stipulation for the Monday Night Raw three-way match, posting the official statement directly on its social networks and making the contest valid for the n°1 contender for the world title a Sudden Death Triple Threat Match.

The choice appears unusual, since usually, Sudden Death comes when two opponents are still on the draw, (as happened in the famous Iron Man match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 12), with the stipulation that goes on even further the end of the regulation time chosen by the company for the match, with one of the two opponents winning the contest at the first pin or at the first submission he makes.

In this case, on the first pin or first submission, the winner should then be crowned, as in any normal Triple Threat match, unless WWE has a different idea in mind for the stipulation. In addition, also for Raw, an important segment has also been advertised that will see Randy Orton be a guest of the Moment of Bliss.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, The Fiend cost Randy Orton his match against AJ Styles. We are sure that Orton will not be a happy camper on the next episode that will be held on 30th December. We guess that Orton will go searching for Bray Wyatt/The Fiend throughout the episode. This is because he will want some revenge after what happened.