WWE wanted to run Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan a while ago

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WWE wanted to run Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan a while ago

One of the main feuds of Friday Night Smackdown seems to be what Jey Uso is carrying on with former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, although in the latest installment of the company's blue show, a Kevin Owens in great shape went to avenge all the Jey attacks against Bryan and Otis, treacherously hit several times by Roman Reigns' younger cousin.

Apparently, WWE would be keeping warm a possible feud between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for a slightly more important stage than TLC, with the company wanting to stage a Bryan vs Reigns valid for the Universal title.

to the Royal Rumble. But how long has WWE been trying to stage a grand feud between Smackdown's Big Dog and former Yes Movement leader? Apparently, the desire of the leaders of the federation to stage a never-before-seen feud between the two would even go back to the period when the attitudes of the two wrestlers were exactly opposite and therefore Bryan was a heel and Reigns instead the babyface of the company.

Update on Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

As revealed by Dave Meltzer during the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE plans to stage the long-awaited feud between two of Smackdown's most important main eventers for years now, with a major clash between the two that was almost occurred while Bryan was WWE Champion at the time of his alliance with Erick Rowan and with Meltzer who in fact stated: "There were times like a couple of years ago when they thought they were going to the point with a big Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan show that they never put on stage.

I mean, it never went on stage as it should have. They eventually put Erick Rowan on the program and never made it all the way to Daniel Bryan. So, this could happen again. "The danger, according to Dave Meltzer, is that WWE could let fans smell the feud between Reigns and Bryan and then never directly propose it to them, as already happened in the feud between Reigns and Rowan, with the third wheel that this time, however, is Jey Uso and not the bearded giant ex Wyatt Family.

We'll see at the Royal Rumble if this long-awaited feud from WWE Universe finally arrives or not. We know that Jey Uso has neither turned into a complete babyface nor is he a heel, and this raises the possibility that he may turn on his Tribal Chief down the line or do something out of the box to raise the stakes of the match that may happen at TLC or in 2021.