New details on Matt Riddle's WWE status

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New details on Matt Riddle's WWE status

Over the past few weeks, all members of Raw's male team at Survivor Series have had plenty of time on the red Monday night show TV screens, with AJ Styles, Sheamus, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, all of whom have become absolute stars before of the WWE flag show and then also of the last Big Four of the federation, Survivor Series, ppv in which they dominated their fight against the Smackdown team.

After seeing Raw's five athletes win and convince in that Series, it would seem that WWE has taken a somewhat questionable path for former NXT talent, Matt Riddle, now called just Riddle, with the Bro Man coming in fact.

passed off as a comedy character, with irony and banal jokes, who is often snubbed or even booed by the public, precisely for the strange and useless skits put up by the athlete.

Backstage News on Matt Riddle

According to what was hypothesized by the very famous ex booker of WWF, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, in the last episode of the podcast of the Sportskeeda site, in which Russo was invited, Matt Riddle could in fact be paying dearly for his behavior in the backstage of the company, after coming face to face with great wrestlers such as Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, in a really h*t year for the former NXT tag team champion.

As stated by Russo, in fact: "I'm sitting here and I'm wondering 'Isn't that the shit they make R-Truth do?' It's not R-Truth doing these things ... Is Riddle looking like an idiot now because he says the word 'bro'? So now they're running it to make Riddle look like a complete and utter idiot.

And I thought the village idiot was R-Truth. So once again, with all these things they are sending her character back. I knew Riddle was in trouble, but I didn't think this could be his punishment ... You always have to ask yourself questions in this company.

There is always a reason if something happens because you just can't be booked so badly. You can't." According to Vince Russo, therefore, Matt Riddle is said to be dearly paying for his behind-the-scenes attitude towards the federation, with some comments and some skits that are said to have angered several insiders and with the management who are now making Riddle appear to be an idiot, with fans who can thus mock his character.

This was a mere look into the future as he now finally debuted as the new character. There have also been a lot of speculations over his new gimmick. Many strongly believe WWE will try to turn him into a character like the famous Supervillain of the same name from DC Comics. Riddle, as a character, is known for his mind games which is what the WWE Superstar specializes in.