WWE offered Chyna the WWE Championship

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WWE offered Chyna the WWE Championship
WWE offered Chyna the WWE Championship (Provided by Wrestling World)

As we all know, Chyna was the first woman to win the Intercontinental Title, but her experience with Vince McMahon's federation ended in 2001. Throughout her career, WWE had offered her many other opportunities, but she always has refused to seek her fortune in other shores.

In the last few hours it has also emerged that Vince McMahon had also proposed the WWE Championship victory to the Hall of Famer, but on one condition: no longer posing for the covers of Playboy, an option that at that time was really a great sacrifice for the wrestler.

Faced with this condition, Chyna did not feel like accepting and decided she wanted to continue in the entertainment world, which at that moment meant a lot to her.

Chyna rejected Vince McMahon's offer

This story was disclosed by Anthony Anzaldo, Chyna's former manager, during an interview with WrestlingInc.

Here are his words: "They once had (Chyna) proposed the WWE title to her, but Vince hinted that he didn't want to see her on the Playboy covers anymore. She turned it down, preferred Playboy to the belt and in the end she was also right about the numbers.

It was Playboy's best-selling issue in a week, even more than Kim Kardashian and the third-largest overall sales after the latter and Marylin Monroe." Anzaldo's other statements and discussions about Chyna's career continued throughout the interview and the manager upped the ante several times, recalling other occasions where the behavior of the Stamford-based federation was not flawless.

Anthony announced that WWE did not donate any part of the proceeds received from the publication of the book about her to Chyna and that although she had promoted it, she did not particularly appreciate it. But the accusations did not end there.

Anzaldo also allegedly requested payments in 2015, but upon arrival at WWE headquarters, he and his client were escorted outside the building. Chyna modeled for Playboy first in 2000 and once again in 2002, a year after leaving WWE.

Anzaldo also said that Chyna did not receive any payment for the book that WWE published about her. He also stated that although Chyna promoted the book, she did not like it. In the same interview, Chyna's former manager said that he went with the Hall of Famer to WWE's headquarters in 2015 to ask for royalty payments and speak to McMahon and Triple H, but they were escorted out of the building.