*Spoiler* Announced Drew McIntyre's next opponent at TLC

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*Spoiler* Announced Drew McIntyre's next opponent at TLC

After finishing a brief feud against Roman Reigns, in the great little juncture of the Survivor Series, Drew McIntyre is back to "normal", following his storyline in the Monday Night Raw rings. On Friday night, a Sudden Death Triple Threat match was announced between Riddle, AJ Styles and Keith Lee, just to find a new challenger to the world title of the Scottish red show, after Randy Orton turned to The Fiend because of the repeated physical and mental attacks that have occurred in the past few weeks.

In the end, Drew McIntyre managed to have a challenger for the next WWE PPV, which will be TLC and will also be the federation's last big event of the year, which will be staged next December 20th.

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles

In a very heartfelt match, which at times could have won all three contenders called into question, in the end, the winner was AJ Styles, the Phenomenal One who, thanks to his experience, managed to grab the winning pin.

During the contest, Riddle and Styles tried as much as possible to join forces against the mammoth Keith Lee, as alone in a 1 vs 1 situation, both Riddle and Styles would have been literally asphalted by the black giant ex NXT.

In the end, thanks to his Phenomenal Forearm, AJ Styles got on Riddle, thus getting a first-class ticket to TLC, in a titled match against the absolute champion of Monday Night Raw who is already making fans of the WWE Universe.

AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre is the first official match announced by WWE less than 20 days after the airing of the last pay-per-view of the year, with no match from the special stipulation that has yet been announced for the event.

Apparently, as also reported by us at WorldWrestling, Vince McMahon would have had in mind four very specific matches for TLC for some time and this was one of them. The King of Claymore Country reclaimed the WWE Title with a grueling win over Randy Orton that began his second reign.

McIntyre has prided himself on being a fighting champion, and will now face Styles who's begun his most recent red brand tenure with a perfect 6-0. The Phenomenal One earned his WWE Title opportunity with a “Sudden Death” Triple Threat Match win over Keith Lee and Riddle. What will happen when these two elite Superstars meet in the ring for the first time?