*Spoiler* Update on the relationship between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

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*Spoiler* Update on the relationship between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night on the USA Network television screens, Sheamus became the protagonist of some rather strange segments for what his character was until a few weeks ago. Although Sheamus gave the new ring attire to make his entrance on the square before the Survivor Series to the world champion, Drew McIntyre, until now the former WWE Champion had always behaved like a real heel, with a feud he had with Jeff Hardy in Smackdown who in fact underlined all the negative aspects of the Irishman's character, before moving to Raw.

On Friday night's episode, however, it now seems clear how Sheamus is slowly passing through the ranks of the good guys, or at least this is what seems to emerge from the storyline in which Sheamus is the protagonist in the ring of the red show.

Update on Sheamus and Drew McIntyre

During the episode of the WWE Monday night flag show, Sheamus was in fact invited as a guest on the Miz TV of the homonymous wrestler, with the Awesome One and his best friend John Morrison who, however, began to insult Sheamus, his performances in the ring and the reigns he had as a champion, eventually making the Irishman nervous until he got attacked.

Obviously, the numerical inferiority led Sheamus to lose this physical confrontation, with Miz also helping himself with his briefcase, repeatedly hitting the European athlete, leaving him to the mat. Later in the evening, Miz and Morrison then joined forces in a match against Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, in an unusual friendship that many already smell of burning.

According to some sources close to the WWE, this strange on-screen friendship between Sheamus and McIntyre, could in fact lead the two to have a match at the Royal Rumble with the WWE world title at stake, with the Irish who should go to attack in the coming weeks.

his friend Drew McIntyre, thus starting an all-European feud that the WWE hadn't seen in years. Sheamus rallied with a pump knee strike, and he tagged McIntyre. The WWE Champion cleared the house, but Styles dropped him with a Phenomenal Forearm.

The referee called for the bell, but Styles, The Miz and Morrison beat the champion down. The Miz tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but McIntyre stopped him. Styles’ bodyguard, Omos, carried Styles away to save his boss.

But Styles distracted Sheamus, and Morrison capitalized. He gained the upper hand, and the former WWE Tag Team Champions isolated Sheamus.