*Spoiler* Retribution member leaving the group?

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*Spoiler* Retribution member leaving the group?

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the Italian night, broadcast as always by WWE on USA Network, Reckoning staged her first single match since being part of the Retribution, with the ex-NXT girl who went, however, meeting a bad quarter of an hour, after losing his mask in the match.

In the dispute against Dana Brooke, who thus went to take revenge for the attack suffered by Reckoning just before the Survivor Series, which had cost Dana the expulsion from the Raw team at the Series due to the injury suffered, the wrestler whose real name is Mia Yim, in fact, lost her mask in an exciting moment of the match.

Obviously, the fall of the mask was not an insurmountable problem, given that by now all the members of the WWE Universe knew that the former NXT fighter was hiding behind the object that covered the girl's face, but the problem arose after that Dana Brooke won the contest, with the leader of the Retribution who in fact lashed out at Mia Yim in the center of the ring, like a fury.

Retribution: Reckoning unmasked on Raw

As already mentioned, the match was eventually won by Dana Brooke, with Mustafa Ali who had also tried to interfere in the match in favor of his adept and thus unwittingly helping Reckoning's enemy, Dana, who pinned with a fast roll-up the retribution component.

After suffering his first single on-screen defeat, Reckoning also had to suffer the wrath of Ali, who began screaming in the girl's ears immediately after the defeat, in the center of the ring and in front of the cameras.

Apparently, the fall of the mask and this final angle could lead to a change of character, from Reckoning to Mia Yim, with the former NXT girl who could so soon leave the Retribution, starting to destroy it from the inside and undertaking the his way in single, perhaps even receiving a nice push from the company of Stamford.

Sheamus and the WWE Champion joined hands to take down Mr. Money in the Bank. The match, as expected, was a hotchpotch of Superstars trying to one-up the other. Sheamus and Morrison tried to dominate the other but soon McIntyre and Miz were tagged in.

Drew was preparing for a claymore while Morrison and Sheamus were battling outside. AJ Styles tried to distract Drew using The Phenomenal Forearm, and the referee called it. All three Superstars fought tooth and nail to secure the win.

Whether it was Riddle with his swiftness, Lee with his strength, or Styles with his skills, each move was exceptional. Towards the end of the match, Riddle and Lee tangled for quite a while. However, Riddle leveled Lee with a kick. Styles came in with the Phenomenal Forearm to secure the win.