*Spoiler* Elias electrocuted on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Elias electrocuted on WWE Raw

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, Elias and Jeff Hardy staged the last chapter of their feud that has been going on since the famous accident that took place in the parking lots of the Performance Center several months ago, where a mysterious character (which would eventually lead to Sheamus), hit and seriously injured Elias while driving Jeff's rented car.

After returning to the WWE rings, attacking the youngest of the Hardy brothers from behind, Elias continued undaunted to hold the Charismatic Enigma responsible for his investment, with an inevitable feud that led the two to the match with a special stipulation for the night.

Update on Elias

The peculiarity of the contest that the two protagonists of the rings of Monday Night Raw brought to the stage this night, was precisely the possibility of using any object or instrument with which to make music was present inside and outside the ring, with a match with no forbidden hits which then left WWE Universe fans on their toes until the very end.

In some moments of the match, Elias managed to hit Hardy in the face with guitar picks stuck between his fingers, indicating a truly remarkable inventiveness in the match. To swallow the WWE Drifter, however, there was a bad accident that made the fans connected from home with the ThunderDome jump from their chairs.

Elias got electrocuted while trying to stab Hardy with the guitar with its stock plugged into the speaker. Obviously, then, Jeff Hardy took the ball and pulled the oars into the boat, then going on to win the match by executing a Swanton Bomb outside the ring, with Elias lying on the steel steps.

But the youngest of the Hardy brothers, however, fell badly, going to impact his neck and head violently. This should have ended the feud that has been going on for weeks between WWE singer Elias and former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, with a resounding victory of the Charismatic Enigma that definitively silences the complaints of recent weeks by the company's Drifter.

Jeff Hardy and Elias have been feuding since the latter returned to the ring. The storyline started with Hardy being blamed for a hit-and-run which left Elias injured. The match was one of the best that the WWE fans have witnessed in a while.

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias after executing a dangerous Swanton Bomb. Further updates about Hardy's condition revealed that the wrestler was doing fine after the strenous match.