*Spoiler* Randy Orton uses Alexa Bliss against The Fiend

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton uses Alexa Bliss against The Fiend

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw saw a new and unexpected scenario in the now announced feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. As recently revealed by the colleagues of Ringside News, the TLC match between the Legend Killer and the Raw Demon has now been announced and this week we saw yet another particular episode involving the duelists.

Last week The Fiend intervened in the Main Event of the show between Orton and AJ Styles becoming the main cause of the defeat of the former WWE Champion and thus causing him to miss the opportunity to have a rematch against Drew McIntyre.

In today's episode of Monday Night Raw Alexa Bliss hosted Randy Orton in his usual broadcast in "A Moment of Bliss" and it was a very special plot.

Randy Orton uses Alexa Bliss

During the episode Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss, now an adept of the Raw Demon, first showed what happened last week and then had an interesting psychological confrontation.

The Viper first stated that he and The Fiend are similar, but Orton pointed out that he believes he found The Fiend Bray Wyatt's sweet spot and then gave a little grin. Suddenly the lights go out and this is where the unexpected move comes, there's The Fiend and Randy Orton has locked The Goddess of WWE in his arms.

For the first time it seems that Bray Wyatt The Fiend does not have the 'knife on the side of the handle', he seems disoriented about what to do and asks almost peacefully to give him his friend, Wyatt holds out his hands and Orton gives him Alexa not before having escaped from the ring.

The Viper laughs and seems to have finally found the weak point of his now next rival. This new and interesting feud now seems to thrill the WWE Universe, which, week after week, awaits with anxiety and curiosity to understand what will happen in view of the next Pay per View of TLC.

On Friday, WWE announced The Deadman, who confirmed his retirement after beating AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year, will make his ‘Final Farewell’ at Survivor Series on November 22. The occasion will mark exactly 30 years to the day since his WWE debut at Survivor Series in 1990.

Wyatt was tagged in a post which showed a seven-minute video of The Undertaker’s battles with other top WWE superstars.