Backstage details on WWE Raw's latest episode

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Backstage details on WWE Raw's latest episode

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw began with one of the increasingly usual segments of "A Moment of Bliss" which featured Legend Killer Randy Orton as a special guest. There was a lot of curiosity about this segment given what had happened in the last few weeks between The Viper and The Fiend, but things as both the WWE Universe and some insiders noted did not go as expected.

At some point in the segment the lights went out and Bray Wyatt The Fiend appeared at the resumption, but Randy Orton to protect himself blocked and picked up Alexa Bliss. However, this segment did not convince the whole audience.

Backstage details on WWE Monday Night Raw's latest episode

During the Legion of Monday Night Raw show, former WWE creative Vince Russo spoke to Chris Featherstone and the two agreed that Alexa Bliss showed no sign of a fight against Randy Orton, indeed the Goddess of WWE seemed almost to her.

ease in the arms of his enemy. Here are the words about it from Vince Russo: "Let's really analyze this story, there is something wrong and certainly some flaw in this segment. The lights went out and then they come back on, we see Alexa Bliss in the arms of Randy Orton, but she doesn't fight him, she doesn't seem to want to get rid of.

with him, she seemed almost in love with Randy. Then The Fiend reaches out to take it back and Randy Orton gives them a hand. It almost seems like a fun segment. Actually, I had an alternative idea in mind. I think it would have been interesting to see Randy Orton 'kidnap' Alexa and the company could develop a three hour show directly on this segment.

Now I don't understand why Randy couldn't kidnap her, we didn't see Alexa kick and scream but she was still. The same commentators commented perplexed almost as if they did not know what to face, I think we could have done better."

Lana was soon written out of her storyline romance with Bobby Lashley after partner Rusev was released from his WWE contract this year. The 35-year-old - real name CJ Perry - has since embarked on a solo run but has been sent through a table on NINE successive RAW appearances.

Lana - who recently opened up about feeling 'really depressed' during the coronavirus pandemic - finally broke the streak this week. And former WCW champion Russo, while speaking on SportsKeeda's Legion of RAW, claimed that WWE have been trying to make Lana look stupid. He said: "I just think they're trying to make her as stupid as possible. This stuff pops them.