*Spoiler* Backstage update on Jeff Hardy after scary spot

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*Spoiler* Backstage update on Jeff Hardy after scary spot

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, staged on Monday, 1st December on USA Network televisions, WWE also aired the latest chapter of the feud that has been keeping Elias and Jeff Hardy busy for a few weeks, with the company's Drifter who he had returned on the occasion of the day dedicated to Draft with which he switched to Raw, attacking the youngest of the Hardy brothers and accusing him of having invested him in an old episode of Smackdown with his rental car.

After several surprise attacks, WWE has finally decided to bring the two to the ring, in a match without forbidden hits, which was staged this night, in the so-called Symphony of Destruction on Raw. After seeing Elias being thunderstruck by one of the props, in one of the angles that obviously was already "scripted" for the contest, Jeff Hardy ended his match with a surprisingly frightening Swanton Bomb from the third string, which went to hit the opponent Elias lying on the steel steps at ringside.

Update on Jeff Hardy's injury

According to reports from various online sources, the bad blow suffered by the former WWE Champion could have led the athlete to suffer a concussion which could, in turn, lead to further damage in the coming days.

As reported by the pages of the well-known Wrestling Observer site, through the words of Dave Meltzer, in fact: "I have heard that everyone is convinced that soon it will be known that he had a concussion, even if for the moment he has not been diagnosed, but as it went it is almost sure"

Although at the moment no medical opinion has emerged from the WWE staff, nor the federation itself would have revealed anything through an official press release, the athlete's condition would not be the best, with the bad blow taken by Jeff Hardy that may in fact have created more of some brain problems for the boy who is no longer very young.

As he crashed into Elias, Jeff Hardy's head hit the edge of the steel steps and a referee could be seen checking on the RAW star as he lay there. You can see the clip below: Ouch. Viewers were quick to speculate that Hardy could have suffered a concussion and although that hasn't officially been confirmed, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the incident.

"The word I got was that he was okay. I don’t know what that means. I’ve heard that about a lot of people that have been banged in the head," Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "I think to a degree, going through the table did slow him down but he still banged the back of the head on the steps."