Braun Strowman might not be out for very long

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Braun Strowman might not be out for very long

In the last few days, we reported the initial rumor, later confirmed by several important sources online, which reported the news of Braun Strowman's leg injury, which would also have been confirmed unintentionally by his absence in the last episode of the red show, with the WWE having jumped the ball to have its bearded giant absent with the excuse of the suspension came after physically attacking Adam Pearce in the center of the Raw ring.

Apparently, the injury that initially seemed to have been invented instead is, more real than ever and Braun Strowman is said to be undergoing some treatments that could avoid a surgical operation, so WWE will have to make up for his absence, drastically modifying those who were the initial plans for TLC, namely Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman, for the WWE world title.

Update on Braun Strowman's future

According to what was reported by the well-known overseas site, Fightful, WWE was forced to revise all of its plans involving the most important Superstars of the Raw roster after Survivor Series, thus raising the status of each of them, making them pass for main eventers able to go and beat the reigning champion, so as to justify a mini-tournament valid for the vacancy of n° 1 contender.

According to the site literally, WWE "had to move virtually all of its Series athletes to the top of the roster," although the initial plans for Keith Lee or Riddle were definitely not to fight with AJ Styles for the chance to become WWE Champion in the last ppv of the year.

Braun Strowman's injury, which arrived totally unexpected the same evening of the Survivor Series, thus forced WWE to overturn all its programs for one to three weeks, with the leadership of the federation finding itself so forced to put on a mini-tournament, which consisted of large faces from the red roster, who are currently missing in action.

However, with Randy Orton and The Fiend feuding with each other, Edge injured for months, Drew McIntyre with the title on his hips and Braun Strowman himself out injured, the only wrestler with high enough status to easily become WWE Champion, it was precisely AJ Styles, who could not go to challenge the reigning champion without having won at least one qualifying match for TLC in the previous weeks, which in the end, happened this past Monday.

Throughout the pandemic, traveling considerably less than he normally would if WWE were on tour, Strowman has capitalized upon that additional time by reshaping his body. “I want my body transformation to give hope to people,” says Adam Scherr, who is easily identifiable as the 6' 8" Strowman.

“I challenge everyone out there to start by setting little goals for yourself, and then achieving them. After a while, those turn into big goals”.