Update on Jaxson Ryker following return of the Forgotten Sons

On Friday night's episode of WWE SmackDown, Forgotten Sons members Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler made their first appearance in six months

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Jaxson Ryker following return of the Forgotten Sons

During the last episode of SmackDown, King Corbin defeated Buddy Murphy with the help of Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, who returned to show themselves in WWE after several months of absence. Corbin's two new allies, in fact, had debuted at SmackDown in the post-WrestleMania episode of the Friday night show as part of the Forgotten Sons stable, with which they had already had success at NXT.

The plans for them were also sizable, as they would have to defeat New Day to become duo champions, but something went wrong and the two were soon banned from the scene. The reason is due to the third member of the Forgotten Sons, Jaxson Ryker, who in the midst of political unrest in the US and the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement had tweeted in support of Donald Trump's policies, also including the catchphrase of the Forgotten Sons and consequently their gimmick.

Ryker thus attracted a considerable dose of heat towards him and WWE immediately decided to remove the faction from its programming.

Update on Jaxson Ryker

After months of waiting, Cutler and Blake, who had distanced themselves from the claims of their stablemate, are finally back on TV, but what does WWE have in store for Jaxson Ryker? As reported by Fightful Select, there is currently no intention of bringing Ryker back to television screens and it has been reported that the heat towards him would still be very strong.

About a month ago the wrestler deleted his social media profiles and when the Stamford federation was asked about his future it was stated that there are no plans for him at the moment. Some indiscretions reveal the low regard WWE would have for Jaxson Ryker, who would have defined him as "someone not worth the risk" and who were not so enthusiastic even at the time of the transition from NXT.

As for Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, on the other hand, the common feeling backstage is that they both got stuck in such an uncomfortable situation for reasons beyond their control and for several months the creative team would have proposed several ideas to bring them back as soon as possible.

in action with a different gimmick than the Forgotten Sons. A WWE source cited in the report said that Ryker, "wasn’t worth the risk of bad publicity of being on TV", while adding that main roster officials weren't so high on him when he was called up in the first place.

Blake and Cutler distanced themselves from Jaxson Ryker shortly after his comments were made. The report says that many WWE wrestlers and staffers felt bad that the two were caught up in the fallout. The Sons were reportedly due to defeat The New Day for SmackDown's Tag Team titles, only for Ryker's comments to nix those plans.

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