Jaxson Ryker expected to be released from WWE

Jaxson Ryker to be released from his WWE contract?

by Simone Brugnoli
Jaxson Ryker expected to be released from WWE

As we saw in the latest episode of SmackDown, King Corbin has announced his two new allies. The latter are Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake and this can in all probability indicate that the initial plans for the now Forgotten Sons, who wanted them to be pairing champions by beating the champions of the time, the New Day, in one of their first matches.

ended up in oblivion. However, there had been a lot of speculation in recent months as to why WWE hadn't continued to throw the three boys, and it was eventually discovered that the former NXT stable had been banned from WWE's big screens after one of Jaxson Ryker's tweets was released in which he had quoted anti-Black Lives Matter words and also some against the use of the mask.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the absence of the aforementioned wrestler on SmackDown: "He wasn't on SmackDown. The reason he wasn't there is why all the Forgotten Sons guys haven't been used for some time.

These poor kids have gone through a lot of chaos around them just because he's a complete idiot." On SmackDown, two familiar faces appeared in Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. They debuted on the main roster earlier in the year alongside Jaxson Ryker as The Forgotten Sons.

There were big plans for the stable as they were going to win the tag titles from New Day.

Rumors on Jaxson Ryker's future

“WWE haven’t gotten around to cutting him yet,” said Melzter. “[They likely will during] the next round of cuts”.

Considering the heat on Jaxson Ryker, there does not seem like many major promotions that will hire him. Therefore, WWE is not losing a future star to one of their competitors. For the time, Blake and Cutler have been paired with King Corbin.

They seem to be serving as his loyal subjects as he battles the Mysterio Family. Sometimes, one tweet is enough to cost someone their job and even career. For Ryker, that might have already happened. On the post-WarGames media call, Triple H discussed Karrion Kross in more detail but did not provide a timeline for his return.

However, he touched upon the topic of dealing with such injuries. He specifically spoke about the injuries to Karrion Kross and the current NXT Champion Finn Balor, and how it is a struggle to deal with such injuries. "It's kind of the new norm, but you keep moving forward.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. The truth is, that goes for injuries as well as it does for anything as well. If you had told me Balor and Kross would have been on the shelf, especially Kross coming out of the win over Keith Lee and becoming champ, you just can't plan for that."

Jaxson Ryker