Becky Lynch Boosts Morale

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Becky Lynch Boosts Morale

It isn’t easy to get to the top of a big wrestling promotion. You have to be good on the mic as well as in the ring to be promoted by a promotion. A wrestler also has to evolve his/her character to stay relevant and keep his/her fans interested.

A wrestler needs to take care of his/her body so that he/she can recover from injuries quickly. After all of that, there is a chance that the promotion simply does not believe in a particular wrestler and doesn’t give him/her a chance to make it big.

Becky Lynch is a perfect example of a wrestler that went from nothing to one of the most popular wrestlers of the world in just a year. She is arguably the top female wrestler that WWE currently has. She is from Ireland and does her best to represent her country.

Becky Lynch trained with John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s coach, this Christmas. Kavanagh spoke to MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu about the morale boost that Lynch delivered to his fighters. "It was a great boost for the guys to be training along side her," Kavanagh said.

"She had a great energy in the gym but also, it's great for them to see what's possible. Obviously, they've been around Conor as he rose to fame, but it's nice to see it being repeated in a different industry.

I think it was a nice morale boost for Irish performers, for Irish athletes to see another one of their own reach the absolute top of their game and give them a little more inspiration to push on."