Goldberg reveals when he plans to retire

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Goldberg reveals when he plans to retire

After months of absence, the Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, guest of the last episode of WWE The Bump broadcast by the Stamford-based federation a few days ago, returned to show up on the WWE television screens. In the chat with Da Man, the former WWE Universal champion who became very famous in his stint in WCW where he also became world champion there, he took the ball to challenge Roman Reigns again, after their challenge of Wrestlemania 36 is skipped due to the pandemic, which forced Reigns home for months.

Apparently, Goldberg vs Roman Reigns, should in fact be one of the three pivotal matches of the next edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, with the challenge never arrived in the Smackdown and Wrestlemania rings that could make the Universal champion fly high this year.

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Goldberg's last WWE appearance

After appearing on WWE's The Bump, Da Man continued his slew of interviews, even landing on the microphones of the Bleacher Report, to which the WWE Hall of Famer also spoke at length about his relationship with pro-wrestling fans, especially those of the number one company in the world of discipline.

With his tones always "calm and calm", Goldberg has in fact said of the fans: "They are nowhere near as respectful as they once were. I think at the moment they just think about taking ownership of the show which is the opposite of what they should be doing, which is to be part of it.

Now they just want to lead, much more than in the past. They used to be happy just sitting there while being entertained, which is the opposite of what happens now, where they just want to dictate the rules. " Apparently, the new attitude of the so-called "smart fans" would not go to the genius of Bill Goldberg, who grew up working in a completely different world from today, without the internet, without online rumors and above all with fans who do not he was almost unprepared for what they would go to see in the WCW or WWF rings once they entered the arena.

Apparently, times change and not everyone is able to appreciate the positive sides, but they focus above all on the negative ones. When asked if the end of his WWE contract would be the end of his in-ring career, Goldberg said that he might possibly continue working even after that but not for very long.

"We always have to cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm 53 years old, I'll be 54 here in a couple of weeks. Hey, as long as my body can still do it, I'm still going to do it. It's very tough because being a power wrestler at this age, I'm not the person I was back in the past.

You have that sense of, 'Oh, am I ruining my legacy?' Well, you know what? I still have to put food on the table for my family."