Arn Anderson reflect's on John Cena's WWE career

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Arn Anderson reflect's on John Cena's WWE career

John Cena is one of the WWE legends and is a 16-time world champion. The wrestler has been the face of the federation of Vince McMahon for a long time, well over a decade and has been involved in several feuds with top-level opponents.

During the last episode of that is hosted by the WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson, he and Conrad Thompson discussed some things about the leader of the Chain Gang and in particular what happened at WWE TLC 2015. That was the first time the multiple-time champion wrestler was moving away from being a full-time wrestler.

Over the course of the podcast, Arn Anderson made it clear why the Land O'Lakes wrestler has been so successful in the WWE world.

Arn Anderson on John Cena

Here are his words: "These things I think make a lot of people angry, but the truth is that many people in the wrestling world are only there to see John Cena and his opponent.

In an age where the world of wrestling is also seen by adults, there will be still many guys who will identify John Cena as their hero. It is amazing that in a company there can be a star at the top for 10 years, that is I think it is hell for everyone but the reality is that Cena is a very reliable person who has never missed a House Show or missed a match and is hardly done bad.

If it happened that you bought a ticket to Raw and SmackDown it never happened that you got there for John and he was injured and that counts bikes over the years. It's really very important to the fans" - Arn Anderson said.

John Cena made his last WWE match at Wrestlemania 36 where he lost in a Firefly FunHouse Match to Bray Wyatt. For the rest, he has been very busy working as an actor and in his private life as he got married to Shay Shariatzadeh this year.

Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on the rumored mega match on the latest edition of his 'ARN' podcast. The former WWE agent said that The Rock would be kind enough to lose to Roman Reigns as The Great One is a team player.

However, Anderson felt that the idea of having Reigns vs. Rock at a WrestleMania without fans is absurd. The Rock is the People's Champion, and him performing without the people doesn't make any sense. The veteran from AEW said that WrestleMania without the fans 'is a tough sell.'