Shocking details on Keith Lee's future

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Shocking details on Keith Lee's future

In the aftermath of his grand ring debut on the main roster, former NXT champion Keith Lee was immediately sent to the top of the Monday Night Raw card, leading to a major feud with none other than the federation's legendary athlete Randy Orton against whom Lee managed to score two clean victories, something that many in years of career cannot say they have had.

Immediately after the very first weeks of staying on the main roster, in fact, it seemed that for Keith Lee there could be a great and bright future in the main WWE brand, with plans for the future of the massive wrestler that initially also included the absolute title round of the red show.

Apparently, however, in recent weeks Lee has disappeared from the top floors of the WWE flag show-card, but also from the floors that matter, with Vince McMahon losing much of his initial interest in the athlete.

Update on Keith Lee's future

If until a few weeks ago there was talk of Keith Lee and an alleged match titled at Rumble or even Wrestlemania, now instead we talk about how Lee has returned to a rather sad list of WWE Superstars, which would have been included in a program of training to increase their in-ring skills, so as to avoid injuring colleagues and to increase their overall characteristics, so as to have even greater fame and success in front of the federation cameras.

According to what was reported in the last few hours also by the well-known site Ringside News, Keith Lee would be one of those Superstars who would not have received the blessing of Bruce Prichard, with Vince McMahon who, having no longer followed the feats of the athlete with transport, would have temporarily abandoned him.

in a corner. According to the journalists of the well-known overseas site, one of the fundamental factors that allowed Vince to lose a lot of interest in the athlete would be to be found in the lack of public, which until a few months ago doted on Keith and who now thanks to the pandemic, he can no longer properly support the athlete.

As always happened in the past, the main index of fan satisfaction towards wrestlers was precisely the live audience, who could fail or promote an athlete, only with choirs or physical support, which has led many athletes to success.

received in WWE, such as Daniel Bryan and his Yes Movement. As there is no longer an audience in the arenas to figure out what works and what doesn't, Vince McMahon must therefore follow the ideas of Kevin Dunn and Bruce Prichard, with both executives not particularly fond of Lee's work and with the massive former NXT wrestler who he was then sent back to work at the Orlando Performance Center, just like fellow Otis or Omos.