Eva Marie currently training for WWE return

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Eva Marie currently training for WWE return

It has now been four years since WWE Superstar Eva Marie last appeared in a McMahon federation ring and apparently it may only be a matter of time before fans can see the beautiful red-haired girl in the ring again. of the Stamford-based company.

A rumor that appeared online a few months ago, had reported how the girl had already signed an agreement with the WWE in September and since then the management has been thinking about when and how to bring the beautiful athlete back to the federation rings, without having found still the right trick.

Eva Marie was in fact released with a consensual agreement from the Stamford federation in August 2017, after more than a year of inactivity that had forced her to make this decision.

Eva Marie reportedly a part of current WWE female roster

Apparently, according to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known overseas site Wrestling Observer, Eva Marie would be training almost every day in the gym, to get back in shape for the pro-wrestling rings, in view of her imminent return to the scene.

of WWE. Although neither the federation nor the athlete have officially confirmed the agreement between the two parties, several online sources report that the agreement has now been done for three months. Several fans and insiders would also have spotted the girl in the Dallas Cowboy gym, while Eva was intent on preparing for a return to the ring.

Apparently, as reported by the Observer reporters, the latest news known about the girl reported the fact that the WWE management had not yet decided where to return the girl, to which roster, so her arrival in the ring of the company would have slipped again.

According to another rumor reported in the last few days, even by us at WorldWrestling, many would be convinced that Eva Marie will be the famous girl that Angel Garza has fallen in love with in recent weeks, with Eva Marie who should therefore land on the red show rings soon.

The only thing that is certain at the moment is that we will have to wait even longer before understanding what WWE will want to do with its athlete, if the contract has really been signed. The new report noted that Eva Marie has been seen several times at the WWE Performance Center (now known as the Capitol Wrestling Center) in Orlando, Florida since this past September.

It was also noted that she was undergoing medical testing that would be needed to enter the Amway Center. But the biggest news was that she has come to terms on a return contract during the week of September 20.