Latest update on Carmella's WWE status

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Latest update on Carmella's WWE status

During the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which aired from Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, Florida, we saw a new character debut, who helped Carmella win the main event. We are obviously talking about who was introduced as her 'sommelier', called by the girl simply Tommy.

After being the victim of an attack by Sasha Banks at the beginning of the episode, the guy became the protagonist of the main event, dragging Banks herself out of the ring during the Banks Statement and unleashing the wrath of the Boss, who started chasing her.

The anger of the champion of the blue show then led her to massacre both the ''poor'' sommelier and her opponent and the referee could not help but decree her disqualification. In addition to the damage, insult was added, as in the end it was Mella who got the better of it, smashing a bottle on her rival's back and toasting her now lost health.

But who is this Tommy really? Where have we already seen it?

Update on Carmella

The most attentive will have noticed that the boy had already been the protagonist not long ago of a segment in WWE, more precisely to NXT.

It is in fact Akeem Young, talent under contract of the Stamford federation for some time, who had already appeared as one of the students of Timothy Tatcher's gym and who had been massacred by his teacher. On that occasion Sidney Bateman (this is the athlete's real name) had suffered a slight injury, so what we saw was a real return to TV shows after more than a month of absence.

We emphasize that the young Akeem, before being signed by the WWE, was an acrobat of Cirque Du Soleil. In short, will it have been just a one-night appearance or the one who was presented as a simple assistant and who has already had a big impact on the main event of the blue show could return in the next few weeks and maybe unexpectedly give us some nice athletic move? We will find out only by continuing to follow SmackDown.

Or, alternatively, by reading our reports. Just like Roman Reigns, Carmella wanted to be in charge of the narrative, except the UNTOUCHABLE Carmella has an attitude that seems like a cross between a WWE Diva and Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek.

The clash of attitudes between Sasha and Carmella led to an impromptu main event match with the SmackDown Women's title on the line. Carmella and Sasha Banks put on an entertaining back-and-forth main event. But shenanigans took over their clash as Carmella's sommelier made the save for his boss.