Sasha Banks reveals which WWE PPV she'd like to see return

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Sasha Banks reveals which WWE PPV she'd like to see return

The storylines of Smackdown, just like those of Raw, are getting more and more alive in view of the last PPV that WWE will be staging in exactly a week, or TLC. In the pay-per-view entirely dedicated to special matches, which will certainly include TLC match, Ladder match, Tables match and so on and so forth, initially there was also to be a contest between the Friday Night Smackdown champion, Sasha Banks and her opponent of the moment, the newly returned Carmella.

After presenting a completely new character, with a new entrance and with an equally new ring attire, Carmella has in fact attacked Sasha Banks several times, so much so that the WWE, through her official Adam Pearce, opted for a TLC match with up for grabs the absolute female title of the blue show for the PPV.

After what happened at Smackdown, however, what will happen to the PPV now?

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In the last episode of Smackdown staged last Friday, in fact, there should have been the signing of the contract of the match titled between the two athletes for TLC, but Carmella's forfeit sent Sasha Banks so much into a rage, that the champion preferred to anticipate the TLC challenge directly to the same evening, in the Smackdown ring.

In fact, during the main event of the evening, Carmella defeated the champion only for DQ, however, leaving the title firmly on Sasha's sides. Between fans and insiders, however, immediately after Smackdown the dilemma arose: at TLC now Sasha Banks who will go against? The well-known overseas site Ringside News thought about answering the question, with journalists from the American newspaper who in fact stated that TLC will already have the second chapter of the Carmella-Sasha Banks saga, given that WWE would still have in mind of the very specific plans for the two and that above all their feud is not yet to be considered over.

The current WWE SmackDown Women's Champion was also asked what she would like to see happen first out of a Queen of the Ring tournament or Evolution 2. After some thought, Banks plumped for the latter. "I feel like a Queen of the Ring tournament on a whole pay-per-view for itself would be really freaking cool, but I've been waiting for Evolution 2 for a really long time.

So maybe we could do that first, and maybe we could start off a few matches... at Evolution... for the Queen of the Ring tournament. Maybe something like that could happen?"