Paul Heyman: 'This is the Big E we have all been waiting for'

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Paul Heyman: 'This is the Big E we have all been waiting for'

As you have all had the opportunity to see by now, one of the greatest characteristics of Paul Heyman is the very loose gab, with the manager and executive of the McMahon federation who has in fact played and staged for years the most heartfelt and surprising promos in history.

recent of the company, so much so that he can put hype in the matches of his clients only with a few sentences full of grit and right words. At the moment, Paul Heyman plays the sole role of advisor and chaperone of Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the Smackdown rings, with the latest engagements having seen the Mad Genius being brought to the stage instead seeing him alongside former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

In the past, Heyman has also played the very important role of head booker on Raw, with the manager of the Beast who had in fact also become Executive Director of the red Monday night show. In recent weeks, Paul Heyman has also been entrusted with another role in front of the cameras of the McMahon company, namely that of co-host in the broadcast that airs after Smackdown, Talking Smack, in which we talk every week about what is went on stage of the blue show, always with some new protagonist of the Smackdown roster.

Among the guests this week, there was also Big E, a former member of the New Day, who while talking with Heyman was literally fascinated and speechless by what the Mad Genius was saying to him, with Heyman who in fact recommended Big E to forget about the New Day, to concentrate on working as a single-player because according to him the athlete will have a great future, just like Roman Reigns did.

Paul Heyman on Big E, who is looking for his first singles title since 2014

Paul Heyman also pointed out during his speech that no one is now remembering what happened with the Shield, as Roman Reigns has built his fanbase and future on his own, with Big E sure to do the same thing.

After also hearing of a possible single introduction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Big E began to remain silent for all of Heyman's speech, almost as haunted. You can see the video of Paul Heyman's "magic" below.

Many fans and WWE Hall of Famers have been critical of Big E in the past, as they have argued that his comedic side makes it difficult to take him seriously. This stance asserts that he'll fail to be a successful singles wrestler, though many people think he has limitless potential.