Backstage report on Matt Riddle's WWE future

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Backstage report on Matt Riddle's WWE future

The last year that is about to end has been a very special year for Matt Riddle. After winning the NXT tag team titles with Pete Dunne, NXT's other master of submission moves, Timothy Tatcher, remained alongside Riddle after Dunne became unwilling to travel to the US because of the pandemic that had now invaded the entire planet.

After the brief feud he had with Tatcher, Riddle eventually landed on the Smackdown rings, with his ring debut on the blue show which even saw him win against former WWE Champion AJ Styles. After seeing his name shorten only in Riddle and after being drafted on Monday Night Raw, it seems that a new phase in the WWE rings has begun for the former NXT talent, with the former MMA fighter having in fact, he embarked on a fairly unusual path, becoming one of the main protagonists of comedy segments in the red brand's rings but also in the backstage of the company's flagship show.

Matt Riddle on WWE main roster

In one of the latest newsletters released by the usual Dave Meltzer to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer, the journalist wanted to tell fans what the WWE Chairman's real thinking should be towards Raw talent, with the jokes and catchphrases of the boy which don't seem to be wholly convincing the patron of the company, but which still seem to make him appealing to McMahon.

In his latest speech, Meltzer revealed: "Vince McMahon thinks Matt Riddle is funny when he does things his way, so Vince likes the boy, I don't know if that will lead to a push for him to the main event, but he likes Riddle doing his thing in TV.

Vince has probably never seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High and therefore does not realize that he is staging a character from forty years ago with Jeff Spicoli. So he likes the character, he likes Matt Riddle, even if he doesn't understand the 'bro' thing, but he still considers it funny, so he'll keep it on TV."

Apparently, although Vince isn't a huge fan of the work of Riddle, would still appreciate his way of doing and entertaining, with the boy who for the moment has his future secured on TV, at least until Vince changes his mind, which is very common in the backstage of the Stamford-based federation, unfortunately.

At the WWE Draft earlier this year, Matt Riddle was drafted to Monday Night RAW. He qualified for Team RAW to take part in the men's Survivor Series match. After Survivor Series, Matt Riddle qualified for a triple-threat to challenge the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre but wasn't able to win that match.