Lana says WWE could bring back her story with Liv Morgan

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Lana says WWE could bring back her story with Liv Morgan

One of the more particular segments of the last few months has seen the storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley involved. The plot even provided for a marriage between the two, a story that created a stir within the WWE Universe and to stop everything thought quite surprisingly Liv Morgan who showed up during the wedding and declared her love for The Ravishing Russian.

At the moment then no continuation was planned for this Angle but apparently, things could change and the parties could restart that story. According to rumors, WWE plans to revive the romantic angle between Lana and Liv Morgan.

It was Miro's own wife, in real life, to reveal that the company is planning to revive that story and the wrestlers are just waiting for this particular issue to evolve.

Lana talks about Liv Morgan

Here are the words of Lana interviewed on the microphones of the colleagues of Sportskeeda: "I think it was a very compelling story and I would like to revisit it.

The reality is that this situation can resume at any time, any day. This is what I was told and it will surely pick up at some point. As for me, I can't wait." Lana and Liv Morgan are currently working on separate shows and it will be curious to see how Vince McMahon's federation wants to pick up their storyline.

It is hardly a big surprise to hear about a change of mind from WWE. It often happens that Vince McMahon's company creates an "absurd and shocking" plan without following it up, but in this case, many were surprised not to see a sequel in this story.

In the future, the WWE Universe could be so satisfied and could review one of the most curious stories of recent months. Now Lana is busy with Asuka and TLC will challenge Raw Tag Team champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the title.

Surely it would still be some time before they revisit their tale, if ever, right? Lana is currently a member of RAW, and Liv is over on SmackDown. There would have to be a trade worked out or WWE would have to wait until the next shake-up to get these two on the same brand.

Or Lana could become one half of the Women's Tag Team Champions. This is just speculation, but if Lana and Asuka win the Women's Tag Team titles they would be free to move to whichever brand they want. The top contenders on SmackDown just so happen to be Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott.