Booker T on a possible Roman Reigns and Goldberg match

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Booker T on a possible Roman Reigns and Goldberg match

As we have reported in the past few days, Goldberg recently pointed out that he still has some unfinished business with the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, declaring how he would love to meet him in a match, and in the last few hours there has been news that they want their match scheduled for the next edition of Showcase Of Immortals, WrestleMania 37.

During the last episode of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T wanted to express his opinion on it, specifying that he thinks it could be a great choice and that fans could be very happy to see this match, as well as adding which to Roman Reigns could however really humiliate his opponent.

Here is an excerpt of his words: "I think Goldberg is one of those Mike Tyson athletes now, someone who is past the pinnacle of his career and, if he meets someone like Roman Reigns on his way, then he could really be humiliated.

And I'm speaking only and only from a promoter perspective. However this could really be something special for the wrestling world, it would be great to see Roman on one side and Goldberg on the other, a real Spear VS Spear."

Booker T on a possible Roman Reigns and Goldberg match

Immediately after the victory of the Universal title against the Fiend, Goldberg had a face to face with Roman Reigns in that of SmackDown. All this happened because initially, the plans between these two Superstars were to lead to their match for WrestleMania, but the stop of Roman Reigns due to the Covid-19 risk blew everything up.

We just have to wait and see what WWE will do for the next edition of the Grandaddy of 'Em All, the most important show of the year, WrestleMania. Surely the Star-Power would be very high within this match, but the presence of Goldberg himself is very debatable, who in recent appearances has achieved unconvincing victories and little requested by the general public, also reaching them with truly questionable performances.

Booker T also said that this match would be about passing the torch to the current generation of stars before he praised Roman Reigns as the most believable guy in pro wrestling right now: "There again, me personally, I'm all about passing the torch and Roman Reigns right now...

believability, Roman Reigns is right now the most believable guy in the business right now. You watch Roman, Roman is a throwback to how guys were back in the day."