Lars Sullivan is currently not part of WWE

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Lars Sullivan is currently not part of WWE

Just a few months ago, WWE had decided to bring back one of its quintessential monster heels, Lars Sullivan, to return to the annual draft, sending him against several athletes of the federation, which the Smackdown monster has cleverly destroyed in his usual random on-screen attacks, After several weeks of unmotivated attacks against the entire roster, however, Lars Sullivan disappeared once again from the WWE screens, first appearing in a backstage interview with Michael Cole and then no longer appearing in any segment of the federation to date.

While it appeared that WWE management had very important plans again for the massive athlete who returned after more than a year from a bad leg injury, apparently this was not the case, with Sullivan once again being sidelined.

by Vince McMahon, for no apparent valid reason.

Update on Lars Sullivan's status

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, in recent weeks Lars Sullivan, in addition to not being engaged in the Smackdown rings, would no longer even appear among the Superstars present in the backstage of the various TV tapings, a sign that WWE no longer has any kind of idea for him.

Usually, when a wrestler is not engaged on-screen, he is still called to be present in the backstage of the TV tapings or in the PPV, so as to be able to enter the scene if there is a problem or a last-second injury and a hole in the narrative to be tapped without warning.

Lars Sullivan's last appearance in Smackdown dates back to last November 6, after which Sullivan has never appeared anywhere. Apparently, WWE no longer takes Sullivan's performance into account even in an emergency, which already suggests a bad future for the athlete, who has only really appeared in the McMahon federation rings in two years.

of times and that if it continues like this it will no longer appear on the scene even in a few months. We will see in the near future if anything changes and if finally, Vince McMahon will decide the fate of the mammoth athlete of the blue show before his contract expires.

RSN reports that there’s been nothing said about Sullivan from the top people in WWE management and his absence is not injury-related. It’s no secret that Vince McMahon is a huge fan of Sullivan because he’s a great monster-type character.

He’s been given several chances as a monster heel but he’s had start-and-stop pushes because of injuries and non-wrestling related issues. As of this writing, Sullivan is not booked for the WWE TLC pay-per-view.