CM Punk admits he was too old when he started training for UFC

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CM Punk admits he was too old when he started training for UFC

The fascination of mixed martial arts for CM Punk has always been felt, and even could have denied him his best period (or at least the most successful) in the world of wrestling: the 2011-2013 three-year period in WWE. He himself revealed it, admitting that already in 2010 he had considered leaving wrestling for the benefit of MMA, and in particular the UFC.

The occasion was the chat with her friend Renee Young, on the podcast 'Oral Sessions' hosted by the Canadian. "I had planned to leave WWE at the end of my contract, which would happen in 2010 or 2011," explained CM Punk.

"These were my intentions a bit because I wanted to try to make a name for myself in mixed martial arts. But to be able to do that, I needed to train. I always thought that training in my free time wouldn't be enough to get serious.

It couldn't be just a hobby, so my idea was to leave WWE."

CM Punk on his UFC's career

2010 was a particularly complicated year for CM Punk in WWE: after the second and third reigns as World Heavyweight Champion of the previous year (which ended after just 49 and 42 days, losing respectively to Jeff Hardy and Undertaker), the fighter from Chicago remained in fact embroiled in the disappointing storyline of the Straight Edge Society, which essentially saw him lose both the feud with Rey Mysterio and the one with the Big Show in a humiliating manner.

From his words, it is also clear that it was the many commitments that WWE forced him to in those years that prevented him from concentrating on training for MMA. "I would have needed a break anyway. But the truth is, I would have devoted a lot of time to full-time mixed martial arts training," confirmed CM Punk.

But then he went even further: "At the time, however, I was not a name sufficiently famous to attract crowds who came to a show just for me. What I wanted to do was to take every step in the right way possible. I would have trained, so I would have dedicated myself to amateur level fights.

I just wanted to give a different direction to my life. " Which then did not happen, and all in all it did not go badly either: after the misunderstanding of the New Nexus, in fact, CM Punk snatched the title of WWE Champion from John Cena in the unforgettable night of Money in the Bank 2011, for then regain it at the Survivor Series that same year and keep it until the 2013 Royal Rumble, for a record reign lasting 434 days.