Darren Young reveals AEW's response to contract request

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Darren Young reveals AEW's response to contract request

One of the WWE Superstars who has not been seen in the McMahon rings for some time now is former Prime Time Players member Darren Young, seen alongside Titus O'Neil for years and with whom the boy had also won a world championship title of the Stamford federation.

The Union City athlete had risen to the limelight for a private fact rather than for his work in the WWE rings. In 2013 Darren had in fact come out in an interview with the American portal TMZ, going down in history as the first WWE wrestler to publicly declare his homos*xuality in front of a camera, although Pat Patterson had already arrived several years before him to declare himself with the rest of the WWE roster.

After his exit from the scene with the WWE, Darren Young, whose real name is Frederick Douglas Rosser III, has tried in vain to also land on the rings of other important world federations such as All Elite Wrestling, with Tony Khan who apparently would have closed the door of his company to the former member of the WWE roster, not finding his work interesting.

Darren Young was once a mainstay in WWE

As revealed by the wrestler himself through his Twitter profile, apparently the AEW would have refused with a firm no his possible landing in the rings of the number two company of America, with the boy who in fact admitted: "I've been asked a lot of times why not in AEW? Well, I tried and I was told NO ...

NO, but however the AEW is not my final goal it has always been the NJPW. Never mind the rest, never feel overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel. I still have a lot of work to do!" Apparently, Darren Young was not the only one who was rejected by the AEW, in the past Cody Rhodes has also revealed how Heath Slater tried to contact the company of the Khans but would receive a flat refusal, as Cody and the other members of the AEW creative team are not interested in his performance, much like Young's.

Young and other NXT Season 1 rookies attacked John Cena on an episode of RAW, back in 2010, and destroyed everything in their path. Darren Young was one of the few Nexus members who managed to secure a spot in WWE for years on end after the faction became history.

Darren Young later had a tag team stint with Titus O'Neil, with the duo dubbing themselves The Prime Time Players. He was released from WWE in late 2017.