Shane Helms on Turning Heel During his Career

Shane was present during the Ruthless Aggression Era

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Shane Helms on Turning Heel During his Career

Shane Helms was better known as The Hurricane in WWE and he recently spoke about turning heel during his career. The Hurricane was a superhero character but the character was never considered a top talent in WWE. Shane spent most of his career as a mid-card wrestler and enjoyed a few matches with top WWE superstars during his time.

Shane was present during the Ruthless Aggression Era. He turned the heel in 2005 and dropped The Hurricane character later in his career. He then started a feud with Rosey, who was Shane’s long-time partner. After the feud, he set his sights on the Cruiserweight title, which was a thing at that time.

Shane spoke about turning heel on Back Sports Page.

Shane Helms on Turning Heel

"It wasn't hard for me because I had been a heel in the indies and I was always--when I was a heel, I wanted to actually be a legit heel, not a tweener.

Three Count was kind of a tweener heel to a degree. Like the stuff I did on the indies, I wanted people to hate me. I wanted them to not buy my merch out," said Helms. "If you see a yield on people buying this much, that's not a heel, that's a tweener tween.

It used to be a bad thing and it really shouldn't be anymore. It's just different, so I knew I could do it. It wasn't a matter of whether I could do it or not; I just had to get the company to understand what exactly it was I was doing”.

Shane Helms also said, "That was difficult, at times. But as far as my in-ring work as the Hurricane, I kind of had to wrestle it down. You know, if you watched me as Sugar Shane – one of the best light heavyweights in the world – when I came to WWE, I got to keep an eye mask on.

I can't wrestle. I shouldn't be ashamed anymore because the audience, they weren't accepting it because I would try these things on live events and would try to go out there and wrestle just like Sugar Shane, and they didn't like it.

They wanted the pose. They wanted the thumb. They wanted me to try a chokeslam. I'm dressed like a superhero, so I needed more character and personality, and not just a flip flop fly. It just didn't work for that character”.

Shane Helms