*Spoiler* Jaxson Ryker makes WWE Raw debut

Ryker made his WWE RAW debut during tonight's episode on the USA Network

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Jaxson Ryker makes WWE Raw debut

In the last two weeks, WWE has managed to bring back all three members of the Forgotten Sons, the former stable of Smackdown seen for a few weeks on-screen, and then disappear into thin air overnight. Triggering the expulsion of the three boys from the rings of the McMahon-owned company was a particular tweet from one of the team members, Jaxson Ryker, who had congratulated the then president of the United States of America, Donald Trump , for having chosen a hard line against the African American population of the country, in a truly delicate moment for the entire States, which came after the death of George Floyd.

Apparently, in the end the "forgiveness" is said to have arrived also for the "Forgotten Sons" stable, with the return to the scene on the WWE television screens that would have arrived postponed and above all with the three separate athletes.

Ryker finally made his Raw debut.

Jaxson Ryker makes WWE Raw debut

In fact, in last week's episode of the Main Event, Jaxson Ryker had made his return to the scene alongside Elias, in a short segment in which the two revealed that they now have a new twinning, with Ryker's companions, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, who instead had appeared only a few days earlier alongside King Corbin, as his bodyguards.

If Ryker's two former teammates now form the Knights of the Lone Wolf together with King Corbin, the same former Impact athlete also appeared in the Raw rings tonight, destroying several WWE Superstars involved in a segment with Elias.

While the Drifter was in fact intent on singing, R-Truth and all his pursuers made their entrance into the ring of the red show interrupting the singer, with Elias' bodyguard doing his job, making a clean sweep. of the ring, attacking anyone who happened to be at hand.

This concludes the very first appearance of Jaxson Ryker in the rings of Monday Night Raw alongside Elias, with a fairly clear future for the couple who will have continuous updates on the flagship roster of the McMahon-owned company.

Meanwhile, Orton beat down Wyatt backstage and put him in a wooden crate. Orton lit the box on fire, thinking he has successfully managed to win this psychological warfare over Wyatt. Unfortunately for Orton, The Fiend emerged out of the blazing crate and choked him with a Mandible Claw.

WWE did an excellent job in making both men look quite sinister in their attempts to win the psychological warfare ahead of their highly-awaited clash at TLC. However, the absence of Alexa Bliss from RAW this week certainly raises a few questions and it will be interesting to see if she will be involved in their match at TLC.

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