*Spoiler* Amazing segment between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

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*Spoiler* Amazing segment between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

The storylines of Monday Night Raw are slowly coming to life, with TLC now one step away and with WWE trying to do everything to get their fans excited about the company's most important feuds, such as the one that keeps the two busy.

main eventer of the federation red show, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. The two great McMahon Superstars, in fact, have been at war for a few weeks, after the Fiend had come to interrupt the former WWE Champion when he still had the belt on his hips, in the long feud with Drew McIntyre, who is then managed to regain the title he had lost to the Legend Killer.

After weeks of attacks, chases and segments of the Firefly Fun House, also this Monday the two had a very special confrontation in Raw.

Update on Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

In a segment that began several minutes earlier, Bray Wyatt staged his first version of the Firefly Fun House from Orlando's ThunderDome with all of his corner puppet friends positioned at ringside.

Wyatt called that a field trip, to change things up a bit. Obviously, to intervene during the weekly episode of the Wyatt segment, Randy Orton soon arrived, who wanted to challenge Bray to a hide-and-seek competition, which obviously the Fiend's alter ego accepted willingly.

During the rest of the episode of Raw, Wyatt was in fact spotted in the backstage of the episode while he was looking for Orton, with the former Universal Champion who in fact appeared alongside R-Truth and Riddle in two different segments of the show.

Eventually, a rocking chair appeared out of an open door in the backstage, moving by itself, on which Wyatt obviously sat, setting off the trap Orton had set for him. After a lightning-fast attack, the WWE Viper locked Wyatt in a wooden crate, which was then set alight with Wyatt still inside.

What The Viper did not expect, however, is that the Fiend emerged from the chest still enveloped in flames, which immediately attacked Orton with his Mandible Claw, knocking him out. Once again, Randy Orton becomes the protagonist of a segment with flames on the WWE television screens, after having already set fire to the Wyatt house in their previous feud and after having set fire to a coffin that contained The Undertaker in their now historic feud.

which led to Wrestlemania 21. On this week’s WWE RAW, Bray Wyatt went on a ‘Field Trip’, and it turned out to be extremely interesting. He first apologized to Randy Orton for The Fiend’s interference in their last match and was quite comfortable making jokes about The Viper.

At this point, Randy Orton interfered and asked Bray Wyatt to come and find him backstage. Bray Wyatt started hunting for Randy Orton and met several Superstars backstage including Riddle. In the end, he saw an empty chair in a dark room and thought this might be the place where he will finally find Randy Orton. As it turns out, this was a trap set up by the latter on WWE RAW as Orton successfully lured Bray Wyatt inside the room.