*Spoiler* Lana will not compete at TLC

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*Spoiler* Lana will not compete at TLC

Once again, Lana becomes the protagonist of a somewhat demoralizing segment, with Rusev's former on-screen manager who this time also comes out quite battered from the weekly episode of the red show, after yet another attack suffered by Nia Jax and its tag team partner Shayna Baszler.

During the last episode of the WWE flag show, in fact, Lana was sensationally able to win her match against the federation tag team champion Nia Jax in a clean and fortuitous way, with a pin that also made her husband laugh with laughter.

Miro, who commented on the outcome of the match in this way: "I taught her this pin last night! We both won... CONGRATULATIONS WIFE." Obviously, this caused an immediate sensation among WWE Universe fans connected from home via the ThunderDome of the Amway Center, with the celebrations of Rusev's wife that were really interrupted after a few seconds, with Nia Jax who immediately began to attack.

the girl for free, after her victory. So now Asuka needs a tag team partner at TLC. As of now, she's scheduled to have a mystery partner. With Brooke and Rose in a tag team together, neither option makes a lot of sense. So who will it be? You can bet the speculation of a return of "The Queen" Charlotte Flair will run rampant throughout the week if WWE chooses to keep Asuka's tag team partner a mystery.

Lana at Raw: Who will Asuka pick as her tag team partner at WWE TLC?

After being brutally attacked once again by the pair of female champions of the federation, Lana was injured (obviously only according to the storyline that sees her protagonist), in both an arm and a leg, with WWE revealing as the girl.

will miss her TLC title match, in which she would have had to go to the assault of the couple titles together with Asuka, who will now see the Japanese having to find a new partner in the contention of the last PPV of the WWE year.

We do not know at the moment how long Lana will remain out of the scene and above all why the WWE has opted for this choice, but the thing that currently seems certain is that Lana will not become female champion anytime soon, to the happiness of the various fans who have not yet they look favorably on the Vince McMahon-owned rings.

Brooke would go on to defeat Baszler via disqualification after Jax got involved in the match. Afterwards, Mandy Rose made her WWE return with a kendo stick and laid into the tag team champions. When Baszler was able to wrestle the weapon away from Rose, Asuka would hit the ring and helped the returning Superstar and Brooke send the champions running.