Asuka receives interesting tag team partner offer for WWE TLC 2020

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Asuka receives interesting tag team partner offer for WWE TLC 2020

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, female champion Asuka lost Lana, her TLC Pay per View partner and is currently alone in the Tag Team match against champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. It all happened during the episode of the red show where a match was scheduled between Lana and Nia Jax, her nightmare of hers in recent weeks and wrestler who repeatedly crashed The Ravishing Russian on the table.

Surprisingly, the match saw the victory of Miro's partner, a sensational victory that had already shocked the WWE Universe. The situation did not end there: Shayna Baszler attacked and blocked Asuka in the backstage and then went into the ring to help her Tag Team partner and the two literally crashed and destroyed Lana thus causing her a very hard injury.

Asuka arrived in the ring after the damage was done and Lana was taken out in an ambulance: the WWE makes it known that the wrestler will remain stationary for a few weeks and consequently the Japanese is currently alone.

Asuka is without a partner heading into WWE TLC 2020

At the moment WWE TLC 2020 is upon us and Asuka doesn't have a partner for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match against champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

The WWE Universe in recent days has speculated on who could be Asuka's partner, several rumors have arisen, including the one concerning a return of the returning Charlotte Flair but social news intrigues all the insiders.

Through her Twitter profile of her the wrestler Nikki Cross has published a social photo where she winks at Asuka, an interesting gesture and who knows an invitation in view of the next Pay per View. The two wrestlers challenged each other in a Last Woman Standing Match for the NXT title during an episode of NXT and the two have come a long way since then with Asuka currently RAW champion and at TLC she will try to become the double champion of the red show, a situation certainly not common to all wrestlers.

Royce soon became involved in a dysfunctional tag team with Lacey Evans. The two women have still not won a regular two-on-two tag team match since their unusual alliance began. However, they did pick up a victory as part of the five-on-five elimination match at Survivor Series.

At the same event, Asuka lost a Champion vs. Champion match against Sasha Banks. The Japanese Superstar then successfully defended her RAW Women’s Championship against Lana one night later on RAW. Since then, Asuka and Lana have picked up two non-title tag team victories over Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Asuka also defeated Baszler in a singles match, while Lana recorded a huge win over Jax.