Otis clarifies reports about heading back to the WWE Performance Center

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Otis clarifies reports about heading back to the WWE Performance Center

After being ousted from the grand plans WWE had for him, with the massive wrestler also being expropriated from his Money in the Bank briefcase, ultimately won by The Miz in Hell in a Cell, Otis appears to have met a somewhat subdued period of his WWE career.

After a start on the main roster with a bang, with a storyline against Dolph Ziggler that had reached Wrestlemania, with an on-screen engagement with the beautiful Mandy Rose and even with a Money in the Bank victory in the homonymous PPV, which was staged for the occasion by the WWE Titan Towers in Stamford, Otis eventually drastically closed the doors of the top of the Smackdown card.

Furthermore, in the last period, Otis's name had been included in a list of athletes who, according to the online sites, had been chosen by the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, as potential athletes who could have unintentionally hurt their colleagues during matches, so the federation patron would order them extra workouts at the Performance Center, so as to increase their physical and athletic performance, becoming as precise and skilled as possible in the ring.

Otis says Performance Center is a tool to make everyone better

Earlier today, Otis sat down with Ryan Satin of WWE on FOX and the subject of this report came up and he offered a very interesting response when it comes to his time spent at the WWE Performance Center.

Otis said, "I think It's always been there. I don't know how to explain this. It wasn't like we told this and that. The Performance Center is a tool for us to get better. If a big man wants to come up to me and wants to work on stuff or you know, vice versa...we're always working.

That report was kind of funny. We're never not working, especially now when we don't have live events so we can't really get our stuff out, it's just bottled inside. We're not getting that stuff out there, so we'll find more and more ways to get in the ring.

Nothing beats a crowd and that's one thing I miss to this day is that crowd man, feeling that rush from there. The acceptance...especially my favorite town...Milwaukee...Good Lord, yea Milwaukee. We're just not getting it out so much.

But now it's time to get better. There hasn't been set dates, there hasn't been set anything, it's just like when you want to come in brother, you know what I mean? I'll talk to Braun about something, so I and Braun will do curls for about thirty minutes and then we'll talk about something over here. So It's always been there, I don't know why it became a big report gimmick, but yea...I don't know."