Hulk Hogan makes fun of AJ Styles

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Hulk Hogan makes fun of AJ Styles

In recent weeks, it seems that former WWE Champion AJ Styles has entered the crosshairs of several fun jokers, who have made fun of him in different ways, taking for a ride the now historic wrestler of WWE, TNA and ROH. After a career full of very important victories, with the greatest one arriving right in the rings of the McMahon family, that is the victory of the WWE Championship dreamed by AJ since he was little, the wrestler who has been repeatedly elected as the best athlete of the year from several important sites in the sector and various insiders, he is still one of the characters that his colleagues prefer to joke about, probably because of his docile character or because of the friendship that Styles gives to everyone.

After seeing the mockery that arrived in the rings of Impact Wrestling, where to show himself as the "phenomenal" opponent of Ethan Page was the former evil dwarf of WWE, Hornswoggle and not the real Phenomenal One of the McMahon company, is in fact, yet another joke on social media has arrived, by a legendary WWF/E athlete, probably the greatest of all time: Hulk Hogan.

AJ Styles is currently in the WWE title picture on Raw

In his latest post published on his Instagram page, Hulk Hogan has in fact claimed to have found AJ Styles, showing himself in photos together with a much older man of the age of the former WWE Champion, who honestly does not even look much like the wrestler.

With a lot of phone in hand showing Styles' photo, Hulk Hogan shot himself a selfie together with the Phenomenal One "double", joking in this way on his official page of the well-known social network. "I found AJ Styles, Brother."

If Hogan was only going to make fun of Styles, in the end, he also got a little screwed, because his fans instead started to make fun of him for his unusual look, among those who said he looked terribly aged at least 10- 15 years old and those who said it was the haircut that was the worst choice.

Apparently, in the end: whoever wounds by the sword perishes by the sword, as they say in these cases. Next time, the Hulkster will think twice about making fun of a much younger colleague, flanking him with a middle-aged (and even older) man as the perfect lookalike.

AJ Styles is currently one of the biggest Superstars in all of WWE. He recently bagged the opportunity to face WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for the WWE title at TLC 2020. Styles and McIntyre are all set to clash on Sunday, December 20.

This isn't the first time that AJ Styles has been on the receiving end of such a joke. A short while ago, IMPACT Wrestling teased a 'Phenomenal opponent' for Ethan Page. The mystery man was later revealed to be former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle, who was sporting AJ Styles' gear.