The Great Khali sends a heartfelt message to Rey Mysterio


The Great Khali sends a heartfelt message to Rey Mysterio

One of the giants that WWE Universe fans have never forgotten is undoubtedly the one who responds to the name of The Great Khali, a wrestler with an impressive height of 220 cm and a weight of 190 kg, a real beast who has trod the rings of the Stamford-based Federation for years.

After embarking on an acting career in American and Indian films, the wrestler also opened his own wrestling school, despite having been at the center of fan criticism for years due to the fact that the wrestler's moves were not the best.

with the execution and cleaning of the maneuver of the athlete who has always left something to be desired also due to the imposing size, so much so as to even cause the death of a colleague at a young age, for a badly performed Powerbomb, on which unfortunately Khali however, he had no faults.

As WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio's 46th birthday was just two days ago, the former world champion of the McMahon-owned company wanted to send his sincere wishes to the San Diego elf, with the two also having a long and terrible feud on the WWE rings, which however made the two athletes make friends even in the backstage of the events and in the trips with the company from one arena to another.

"It's my friend's birthday. Happy birthday @ 619iamLucha aka Rey Mysterio. My longtime friend and best mate. Maybe people only saw us in the ring, but outside the battle zone, we had a blast. Those toasts and those laughter and all those jubilant memories make me miss you even more.

Let's meet Rey soon. I love you, friend!!!"

Rey Mysterio turned 46 years old on December 11

In the photos posted by The Great Khali, moreover, we see at the top an image of the feud that took place at Smackdown between the two, while instead under another image in the backstage of a WWE show, where Great Khali appears somewhat amused in company by both Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle.

Apparently once again, WWE's monster heels appear as real giants with a heart of gold in real life, with one of the sweetest and most touching messages a WWE heel ever left on a social network. Rey Mysterio won his first World title at WrestleMania 22 in 2006.

Mere days later, The Great Khali made his debut on WWE SmackDown and attacked The Undertaker. The Great Khali went on to become a World Champion himself, and had two singles matches against Mysterio. The Indian giant won the first battle, and Rey Mysterio emerged victorious in the second match, via DQ.

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