Sasha Banks on Evolution and Queen of the Ring

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Sasha Banks on Evolution and Queen of the Ring

Speaking during the show with ProSieben MAXX, Sasha Banks talked about her WWE debut and covered some of the most interesting topics regarding her experience as a wrestler in Vince McMahon's federation. Sasha Banks talked about what her mentality was like before she debuted in wrestling.

The current Smackdown women's champion made the following statements: "My mentality before debut? Well, it's hard to remember but probably knowing myself I was trying to tell myself several times 'I'm not afraid', but at the same time, I was going out of my mind.

Since I was 10, getting into the ring was my only dream and in 2015 I fulfilled it by making my WWE debut. It was an incredible thing and every single week since then I have been doing exactly that, it's fantastic."

Sasha Banks on Evolution and Queen of the Ring

During the broadcast, The Legit Boss also talked about the possibility that one day WWE could organize the Pay per View for women only, the Queen of the Ring tournament and also gave some suggestions on how to make everything born.

Here are her words: "I think a full Queen of the Ring tournament can be great for the full Pay-Per-View, but I've been waiting for Evolution 2 for a really long time. Maybe we can start with small Evolution races before King of the Ring, maybe a situation like that or something like that."

Sasha also talked about her WWE dream opponent, the wrestler from the past she wanted to face: "In general there are many interesting women, I feel there are various opportunities but the dream match that I would have liked so much is the one with Trish Stratus.

Maybe one day I'd like that to happen, but I think it takes a lot of money to see him return to the ring." Sasha Banks stated in her interview with ComicBook that if there was a second Evolution pay-per-view, WWE should have a different card and not host it in New York.

She said that it was "unique and different" and that the fans gave a lot of "love and support" She said that she will keep Tweeting Vince McMahon to bring back the pay-per-view. "And the fans that were there just really gave so much love and support because they're the ones that have been behind us this whole time.

So, I think women's wrestling is really better than the men all the time because that's what I do. Every time I go out there, people are like, 'Sasha Banks is number one.' I'm like, 'Duh.' So I don't understand why we don't.

So keep on manifesting it, keep on tweeting Vince McMahon. I'll keep talking to him because he's my best friend. And hopefully, we can get one in 2021," said Sasha Banks.