Vince McMahon wants more monsters in the ring

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Vince McMahon wants more monsters in the ring

In recent weeks, WWE has once again started to deal with the problems related to the collapse of TV ratings, with Monday Night Raw in particular, which has in fact suffered yet another plunge, after weeks in which the ratings do not, however, they had reached the company's all-time highs.

Already in 2020, Vince McMahon had tried to shake up his backstage, removing Paul Heyman as head of the creative team of the red show, replacing Mad Genius with Bruce Prichard, who thus became the new right hand of the Chairman in the backstage operations of the two main shows of the company: Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Apparently, one of the reasons that according to Vince McMahon is said to have led to the umpteenth drop in WWE ratings has been the strong lack of "monster" wrestlers, which attracted the interest of WWE Universe fans in the federation's past.

What could Vince McMahon and WWE do to improve the ratings of RAW?

According to the Chairman of the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, the great absences of the weight of the various Kane, Big Show, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry and so on and so forth, have in fact influenced in a very negative way on the narrative.

storylines, with fans who would no longer be able to passionately follow the stories told by WWE, not having an enemy to "hate" As reported in one of the latest updates by the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "Part of this second Vince would be attributable to the lack of monsters in the ring, as the history of WWE and its business is completely filled with them.

Vince blames the younger kids who are at the top of the cards now, but at the moment there is no big man who is up to compete at certain levels." Although Vince McMahon continues to blame the collapse of the ratings to the undersized of the roster, it is true that he himself and his associates have never made sure that some big boy was properly pushed as the monster heel of the federation, with athletes like Dabba Kato or Lars Sullivan who have even disappeared from the scene by different weeks, with the federation continuing to always work with the "usual suspects", without being able to build big faces or big heels for the future.

Another major report last week was about Vince McMahon sending some of the big guys back to the WWE Performance Center for training and improving their skills. The names on the list included former NXT Champion Keith Lee, former Mr.

Money in the Bank Otis, Dabba-Kato, Dio Maddin (aka RETRIBUTION's Mace), and Omos. The inclusion of someone like Keith Lee in this list was met by heavy criticism from the fans and experts who consider him to be one of the better workers on the roster.