Jimmy Korderas has suggestion for Inferno Match at WWE TLC

WWE is treating us with a promising main event

by Simone Brugnoli
Jimmy Korderas has suggestion for Inferno Match at WWE TLC

Just a few hours ago, WWE announced that in the latest pay-per-view of the year, TLC, Randy Orton and The Fiend, (Bray Wyatt's famous alter ego), will clash in the very first Firefly Inferno match in the company's history, with the federation not adding any kind of comment or description regarding the dispute.

In the huge feud that is keeping WWE Universe fans on their toes at the top of the Monday Night Raw card, the Legend Killer and the demon of the red show are clashing in every way in the backstage of the WWE Monday night show, with Orton who even set fire to a chest that contained the body of his opponent in the last episode of this week.

After seeing The Fiend knock Orton down despite The Viper's brutal attacks, WWE decided to put a big stipulation on their TLC contest, reviving the Hell Match that hadn't been seen in WWE for years. In his latest online speech in his personal program also aired on Youtube, the famous former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, wanted to have his say on how the new match between Wyatt and Orton could be carried out, although natural doubts may pervade the mind of the fans, who find themselves in front of a contest never seen before in the rings of any other federation in the world.

To the microphones of Reffin 'Rant, Jimmy Korderas said: "They didn't explain anything about how the match should go. Do you have to set your opponent on fire as they did in old hell matches? Do you have to completely burn your opponent, unlike the old Inferno matches? It will probably be a cinematic match, and from what I've seen it could probably be filmed in an external environment such as a forest.

Years ago Randy Orton set fire to Bray Wyatt's house, it would be a nice way to get back to that point."

Jimmy Korderas on WWE TLC

Apparently, as suggested by Jimmy Korderas, the federation could thus resume the storyline that had already seen Wyatt and Orton facing off a few years ago, with the two WWE main eventers who have changed considerably since then, at least Wyatt, but with the contention that is already putting a lot of hype in fans around the world.

After a garbage year, WWE is treating us with a promising main event: On Sunday, Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against AJ Styles at the TLC pay-per-view event. It looks to be spectacular, as not only are both guys great performers, they'll compete in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

It's one of two world championship TLC matches, as Roman Reigns will also defend his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens.

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