*Spoiler* Kevin Owens gets crushed by Roman Reigns

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*Spoiler* Kevin Owens gets crushed by Roman Reigns

The main storyline that has been carrying out the whole "shack" at Friday Night Smackdown in recent times is certainly the one that sees Roman Reigns and cousin Jey Uso battling against the Canadian superstar Kevin Owens.

After weeks of attacks and revenge, even in the last weekly episode of the blue show, the two sides clashed, giving life to different segments that have entertained and not a little the fans of the WWE Universe connected from home.

Throughout the course of the episode, in fact, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns chased each other, with the Prizefighter who, however, had the worst in the main event of the evening, being literally buried under a pile of chairs and tables, hurled against the Canadian by Reigns and the cousin.

Update on Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens

That the evening was not the best for Kevin Owens, the Canadian already had to understand it from the beginning of the episode of the blue show, with the very first segment seeing the confrontation between the Universal champion and his challenger.

However, Owens was immediately attacked by both Roman Reigns and cousin Jey Uso. If all this were not enough, the Canadian had thought of attacking for two more times also the use alone, with two lightning-fast backstage interventions that had tried to leave the Prizefighter down once and for all, but without succeeding.

In the end, in the main event of the evening, Roman Reigns was back in the ring again to talk about his next match at TLC and magically, once again, to appear limping from the backstage was Owens, still full of revenge. At this point, however, Owens was literally destroyed by his enemies, with a Spear, several chair hits and two broken tables, which preceded the athlete's being buried under a pile of chairs and tables that the universal champion threw at.

a now lifeless Owens in the center of the ring. The surprise, however, came with the departure of Reigns, given that despite the repeated attacks, Owens still managed to get up again and with the Canadian who also stated that there will be nothing that Reigns' family can do to finally knock him out at TLC.

The Prizefighter got beat up numerous times throughout this week's WWE SmackDown. But Owens didn't back down, despite the fact that he needs to be physically capable to fight Reigns at WWE TLC. Towards the end of the episode, The Tribal Chief and Jey Uso collectively buried Owens in a pile of tables, ladders, and chairs.

But as it would turn out, Owens still managed to get up to send one last message to Roman Reigns - Either Kevin Owens will win the Universal title this Sunday, or he will die trying to do the same.