USA Network reportedly 'furious' with Raw ratings

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USA Network reportedly 'furious' with Raw ratings

In recent weeks, WWE has had to deal with a new dip in the TV ratings, especially with regards to its flagship show: Monday Night Raw. Just in the last three weeks, Raw has indeed encountered some truly embarrassing numbers regarding the views of its fans on US TV, with the channel airing both Monday Night Raw on Monday evening and NXT on Wednesday evening, which has in fact, the McMahons were asked for a real shock to retire the situation before the collapse was devastating and definitive.

Apparently, the USA Network's thinking would be precise and targeted, that is to try to address Raw to a more adult audience than the one that usually follows the WWE and therefore to aim at full speed on the demographic range that goes from 15 to 50 years, that is the segment of the population that follows the most sports programs ever.

WWE could make a few big changes to Monday Night Raw

According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known overseas journalist Alex McCarthy, of the TalkSport site, USA Network would have made explicit requests to Vince McMahon and his associates, with the journalist who in fact revealed: "The USA Network folks are literally furious.

They want more adult content. Not things for s*xual purposes as adults, but dark and violent things for adults." Apparently, therefore, the WWE management would have been warned, the Network is in fact demanding a turnaround, given that in 2020 the ratings had already collapsed before the removal of Paul Heyman as Executive Director of the red show, with Vince McMahon opting for the removal of Mad Genius and the promotion of Bruce Prichard alongside him.

However, several sources inside the WWE have already told some external sites that a real reset within the federation is planned as early as the beginning of 2021, so as to be able to start again in the best possible way in view of the first major event of the federation in January: Royal Rumble.

USA Network is expected to get $462 million in revenue from WWE in 2021. The reactions to the dismal Monday Night Raw figures have been negative across the board, and such a situation could lead to drastic steps. Dave Meltzer had reported that the record-low figures were as a wake-up call for the WWE management.

Paul Davis of additionally said that Vince McMahon plans on 'shaking things up' on the Raw after TLC. WWE is about to enter its most crucial phase, which is the road to WrestleMania, and it will all begin with the build for Royal Rumble.