Bobby Lashley vs Riddle reportedly set for Royal Rumble

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Bobby Lashley vs Riddle reportedly set for Royal Rumble

In recent weeks, in the rings of Monday Night Raw and especially in his backstage, Matt Riddle and the Hurt Business have come in contact several times, with the WWE Bro who has made fun of the components of Raw's stable heel several times, outlining a possible great feud for the future that has not yet fully materialized.

After joining the former NXT duo champion to the now legendary Jeff Hardy, with Hurt Business taking on multiple times with both the former WWE Champion and the former NXT athlete, it seemed that WWE could build a new big contest for TLC, with Riddle who could have become the protagonist of one of the most important matches of the last PPV of the year, but with the leadership of the federation that in the end did not do anything more.

Apparently, as revealed in the last hours by the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the initial idea of ​​the WWE was to stage a titled match valid for the US Championship at the moment alongside Bobby Lashley against Riddle right in the pay-per-view which will air on Sunday, TLC.

Apparently, however, the federation's plans could be postponed until the next big event at the beginning of 2021, given that to date no contest has been formalized for the United States title at TLC. Obviously, in WWE, ideas could be upset overnight, so the contest valid for the title of Bobby Lashley could even be announced tonight or shortly before the PPV itself, as happened several times already or maybe WWE will continue for his way, keeping the dispute h*t for the PPV Royal Rumble, thus continuing to build the feud between the two sides in a more complete and effective way.

Could Matt Riddle become the next US Champion beating Bobby Lashley?

At the moment, however, we remind you that no athlete involved in these segments and therefore Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle, is expected to take part in the ppv in an active way, since none of them have an advertised match for the event.

We'll see Sunday night if WWE makes major changes to its card or if everything goes ahead as announced. Riddle has been receiving a push on RAW as of late and a match against a champion like Bobby Lashley would certainly help elevate Riddle towards becoming a top Superstar.

While Lashley has proven to be strong Champion, it can be argued that Riddle needs the title more than Lashley at this point, as the CEO of the Hurt Business has already established himself on the main roster. It was reported recently that Vince McMahon is fond of Riddle and finds him funny. So Vince McMahon may decide to put a Championship on Riddle when Royal Rumble comes around.