Latest update on Jimmy Uso's WWE future

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Latest update on Jimmy Uso's WWE future

During this very strange 2020, several WWE athletes have been absent from the scenes for the most diverse reasons. From Becky Lynch to Roman Reigns, passing through Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair and Sami Zayn, many Superstars of the McMahon company have in fact made the fans of the WWE Universe feel their lack, with some of them still out of the scene for injury or for other important reasons.

One of the athletes kept out of the WWE weekly programs and PPVs due to injury is Roman Reigns' cousin and Jey's twin brother, Jimmy Uso, away from the scene due to an injury that hit the athlete close to Wrestlemania, forced him to have a surgical operation from which he has not yet fully recovered.

Although Jimmy Uso appeared a couple of times a few months ago on the WWE scenes, also costing the Hell in a Cell match to his brother engaged in a titled match against Reigns in the infernal cage, the athlete would not have recovered completely, with Jey who, however, wanted to give the timing of his return, in his last interview.

Rumors on Jimmy Uso's future

In his latest speech given to the microphones of the German ProSieben MAXX, Jey Uso stated: "Definitely early. January/February I'd say. He's making great progress, Uce. You know he follows me and sees me every week.

It inspires me. He calls me pretty much every time Smackdown ends to tell me what I did wrong, what I did right, everything a brother does, in short. I can't wait to have him back out there with me on the road." In practice, it should be only a few weeks before we see the Usos tag team again, with Jimmy Uso who will inevitably have to join his brother and elder cousin Roman Reigns, as the stipulation of Hell in a Cell imposed on the brothers of Samoan origin, with a large family stable that will thus take shape in the rings of the blue show, in view of the beginning of the year of the possible rebirth of wrestling and beyond, after a truly disastrous 2020 for everyone.

Otis recently formed an alliance on SmackDown with one of his real-life best friends, Chad Gable. The two men were defeated by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura on the latest episode of SmackDown. This year’s WWE TLC pay-per-view is set to take place on Sunday, December 20. As of the time of writing, Otis is not currently scheduled to compete in a match on the show.