Kevin Owens says he and Roman Reigns still talk about this match from 2017

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Kevin Owens says he and Roman Reigns still talk about this match from 2017

In the episode of Raw on September 14, Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black. In the episode of Raw on September 28, Owens defeated Aleister Black again, this time by disqualification (after Black hit the referee). In the October 9 episode of SmackDown, Owens appeared on the show to face "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt but was defeated.

In the episode of Raw on October 12, Owens defeated Aleister Black in a No Disqualification match; that same evening, due to the Draft, Owens switched to the SmackDown roster. In the October 23 episode of SmackDown, Owens, and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, defeated Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

In the October 30 episode of SmackDown, Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler to qualify for Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. In the November 6 episode of SmackDown, Owens was defeated by Jey Uso due to the distraction of Roman Reigns.

On November 22, at Survivor Series, Owens participated in the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination match as part of Team SmackDown against Team Raw but was eliminated by AJ Styles. In the November 25 episode of NXT, Owens briefly returned to the show holding his Kevin Owens Show with NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff as a guest, only to be interrupted by Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano; in that same episode, moreover, Owens also played the role of commentator on the show for one night only.

On the November 27 episode of SmackDown, Owens defeated Jey Uso by disqualification after being hit by a chair. In the December 4 episode of SmackDown, Owens and Otis defeated Jey Uso and Universal Champion Roman Reigns by disqualification, and shortly thereafter Owens was brutally attacked by both Roman Reigns and Uso.

Kevin Owens assaulted on this week's WWE SmackDown

In an off-character interview with Ryan Droste of, Kevin Owens revealed that he and Roman Reigns still talk about their Universal title match from the 2017 Royal Rumble.

The difference is that, at that time, KO was the reigning Universal Champion and Reigns was the challenger: "I really loved the Royal Rumble (2017) one. It's funny because Roman and I used to talk a lot more than we do now, obviously.

We will talk about that match, even years after. We'd remember little moments from that match, and I'd get a random text once in a while from him saying, 'Hey remember when you did this in that match?' Now, it's like, 'Remember when you did that?' We're just proud of that match, we really had a blast in it.

It's almost a forgotten match, too, I'd say. Whenever people come across it, they're like... I'll see tweets about it once in a while, 'Hey, I just watched this match. It's really good. It's really something people should go (watch).' We feel the same way. We really had a lot of fun in it."