Lana talks about her WWE experience

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Lana talks about her WWE experience

Since her advent in WWE, wrestler Lana had been primarily used in the role of manager of her real husband, Miro, called Rusev in WWE, but her role totally changed after the wrestler's farewell with Lana becoming an active wrestler of the company.

Miro was fired in April due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and months later he joined All Elite Wrestling, the company of WWE rival Tony Khan. In recent months Lana had been used in an atypical way with the WWE which weekly led to the wrestler being destroyed and crashed on the table by Nia Jax, a situation that occurred several times in several weeks.

This caused the WWE Universe to speculate that this attitude was spiteful towards the couple for the passage of Miro in AEW. However, this changed over the course of the week, and before her recent injury Lana she had shown interesting qualities.

Lana at TLC 2020

The Ravishing Russian spoke to the New York Post and commented on this possible speculation. Here are her words: "Finally people are seeing what I'm made of. For a long time I've been in stories where I hardly did anything and was just an improvement on the main characters, but no problem, that's okay with me.

Not everyone can be Tom Hanks and Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the reality. I approach the WWE world as I would in the world of acting, it's a compelling story and not everyone can be the protagonist and the protagonist.

Sometimes it's hard for people to understand, but this is television, this is show business." Lana admitted that she has experienced various ups and downs over the years and commented on this: "I have survived this thing, all the strange things that have happened and I think many people, even those who I work with, have understood what.

I do and have respect for my work." Lana was originally meant to team up with Asuka to face the reigning WWE Women's Tag Team champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. But after her injury on RAW, she was pulled out of the event.

WWE have yet to announce her replacement for the WWE Women's Tag Team title match. Lana would've hoped to take her positive momentum from her impressive performance at Survivor Series to TLC to win her first title in WWE at TLC, but it seems like she will have to wait a while for it.